Associations can make a huge difference in changing the culture of agent safety and risk, chiefly through education. While it is never the role of a board or association to influence business models, we believe that they can foster a climate of a more educated agent, a better informed and cooperative consumer, and an overall safer environment.

One thought on “Associations

  1. Kim Cox

    We are a 550 member MLS/Association and we have just started to offer Conceal Carry Weapon classes, as well as “Personal Safety” classes taught by our local Sheriff’s Department. We will continue to have classes several times a year, every single year. We should certainly try our best to help educate our members in all areas of safety.

    We will also be adding information to our new agents in our New Member Orientation.

    Just 4 days ago, one of our members was shot by her own son and is in a neurological ICU at this moment. Our entire membership is saddened and in disbelief that a tragic thing could happen

    If by chance this agent had already taken some safety precaution classes, could it have helped her in a situation like this? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll never know. But the idea that someone better educates themselves in such a way could allow for strength and guidance in an unexpected, frightening situation.


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