The Agent Safety Project is committed to real estate agents working in a safer environment through better education, sensible polices and procedures, and fostering a spirit of collaboration with all levels of the industry to that end.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics, 168 real estate agents have died on the job since 2008. Sometimes it is an accident or something that simply could not be prevented, but all too often it has been due to an attack on an agent who was meeting a stranger alone at a vacant home. The expectations of the public, and the eagerness of agents to develop clientele by meeting them without properly vetting them have resulted in too many incidences where real estate agents are exposed to undue risk.

Our intention is to change that.  The only way for that to happen is with a cultural paradigm shift in how we do business and how we educate the public about our value to them. It is our belief that if 168 coal miners dies in the mines or if 168 flight attendants died in the air that there would be a fast and dramatic transformation in how they do their jobs and what their work environment is like. We strongly believe that we can do the same for real estate agents.

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  1. Elizabeth Spencer

    Vetting the client and developing a rapport are very similar. If you can’t develop a rapport with someone this is probably not a good thing in the world of real estate and the same for asking some question. What is your name, your phone number, why are you looking for properties, how many are in your family, etc, etc. If I get push back on my initial question. I explain that I am required (by me) because of safety reasons to ask these questions. I have never had anyone not be responsive after that (maybe I had someone hang up but I can’t remember). Absolutely respect yourself, your skills, your time, and your safety. If you don’t do it, then it is hard to expect this respect from anyone else.


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